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We are dedicated to creating, making and baking an array of delicious cakes, donuts, slices and more to have available in store for you 24/7. 

For more of our range please see our 'Catering Options' Menu.

We are also contsantly changing & creating new products weekly so have a chat to us about product lines available.


• Apple & Custard Tart

• Custard Tart Slice

• Chocolate Eclairs

• Turnovers

• Kitchener Buns

• Cronnoli

• Honey or Jam Logs

• Cream Custard Log (Evening Only)

• Cream Donuts (Evening Only)

• Lemon Heaven Tart

• Cheesecakes

• Baked Cheesecakes

BakeryonOConnell (25 of 345)_Original.jpg

• Vanilla Slice

Sticky Date Cupcake

• Cookies & Cream Cupcake

• Red Velvet Cupcake

• Butterfly Cupcake

• Nut Slice

• Lamingtons

• Caramel Slice

• Peppermint Hedgehog Slice

• Donuts

• Mini Donuts

• Nutella Hearts©

• Donut Bombs

• O'Connell Creme

• Cronuts

• Berliners

• New York Croissant

• Donut of the moment


• Smiley Face Biscuits

• Ginger Bread People

• Lemon Meringue Pies

• Pecan Pies

• Fruit Rolls (VF)

• Shortbread Pies

• Crumble Pies

• Rocky Road


We recommend cream cakes, cheesecakes & custards last 24 hours air-tight in the fridge.

Donuts should be kept in a cool dark place, any humidity/moisture will damage the product.

We are constantly rotating through our cakes, slices & donuts.

Give us a call or visit in store to see our range!

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